Harold's Cast Aluminum Primary Cover

This cast aluminum inner and outer primary cover replaces the early stamped steel "tin" covers for Harley big twins from 1936 to 1964. The cover is designed to mount just like the OEM steel covers with stock frames and the stock horseshoe oil tank and fit 1 1/2" belt drive only. All mounting hardware is included. The models from 1965 to 1969 require special bearing support and hardware sold separately. 
These covers are sold in a raw finish or polished with or with out the mid-shift crossover support option. Please indicate in the "notes to seller" upon checkout if you want the cover with the mid-shift or without. There is no additional charge for the mid-shift option. 
These covers are all hand made one at a time in the USA. The two parts are machined and then bolted together and match sanded for a perfect fit by Jasin himself. A lot of attention to detail goes into each one of these parts during the production process to ensure you are getting the best part possible. Since these are all made to order please allow up to 4 weeks lead time. Please visit haroldsusa.com to view this as well as other hand made parts and apparel.  


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